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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Prepare for Your Pentaho Upgrade


Explains how to prepare your environment for the upgrade.

You'll need administrator privileges on the Pentaho server, know where your data is stored, and how to connect to it in order to upgrade to Pentaho 6.0. We recommend that you read through all related materials before starting the upgrade process.

Before You Begin

Before you begin your Pentaho 6.0 upgrade, you'll need to do a few things.

Task Description
Verify Your Current Version of Pentaho BA and PDI You'll need to start with a working installation of at least Pentaho BA and PDI 5.2.x.
Backup Your Databases Create backups of all Pentaho databases:
  • Hibernate
  • Quartz
  • Jackrabbit
Download and Configure Info-ZIP (Linux only) Download, install, and configure Info-ZIP open source compression utility using the Info-ZIP documentation. Info-ZIP is available at‐

The license is a BSD-style license and is provided for most Linux and Unix variants.

A Windows version of Info-ZIP is preconfigured and included in the Pentaho update package.
Verify That No Users Are Logged into the Server We suggest that you perform this update during off-business hours to minimize impact to your day-to-day operations.

These things are recommended, but not required, for the Pentaho 6.0 upgrade.

Task Description
Review Pentaho 6.0 System Updates
Review Previous Functionality Updates to Determine Upgrade Impacts

Get the Pentaho Upgrade and Utility Files 

Upgrade and utility files are available for download from the Pentaho Customer Support Portal. The portal requires you to log in with the Pentaho support user name and password provided in your Pentaho Welcome Packet.​

Available Update Files

Here is a list of BA and DI files that you should have in order to do a complete Pentaho 6.0 update.

Component File Name
BA Server biserver‐ee‐6.0.x-yy-dist
DI Server (includes Spoon) pdi‐ee‐6.0.x-yy-dist
Pentaho Analyzer paz‐plugin‐ee‐6.0.x-yy-dist
Pentaho Dashboard Designer pdd‐plugin‐ee‐6.0.x-yy-dist
Pentaho Interactive Reporting pir‐plugin‐ee‐6.0.x-yy-dist
Pentaho Mobile pentaho‐mobile‐plugin‐6.0.x-yy-dist
Report Designer prd‐ee‐6.0.x-yy-dist
Metadata Editor pme‐ee‐6.0.x-yy-dist
Schema Workbench psw‐ee‐3.10.x-yy-dist
Aggregation Designer pad‐ee‐6.0.x-yy-dist
Pentaho Upgrade Utility pentaho-upgrade-utility-6.0.x-yy-dist
License Files Pentaho [component] Enterprise Edition.lic

Unzipping Distribution Files

The files include an End-User License Agreement, which you will be prompted to accept prior to extracting the files.

  1. Unzip the selected file.
  2. Execute the supplied install.bat or files.
  3. When prompted, agree to the end-user license agreement.
  4. Choose the location to store the extracted files.

Choose Upgrade Instructions

You are now ready to begin your Pentaho 6.0 upgrade.