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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Anatomy of the Pentaho Reporting SDK

SDK Directory Structure

Directory Content Description
Documentation Where the Embedding the Pentaho Reporting Engine PDF is located
Licenses Contains text files with licensing information
Samples The eclipse project directory, which contains the samples shown in this guide
Samples/WebContent WebContent information used with Sample 4 (mainly the WEB-INF/web.xml)
Samples/lib The lib directory which makes up the Reporting Engine SDK
Samples/source The source files used to make up the four reporting samples
Samples/sql The file-based HSQLDB instance used with the samples

Content of the Samples Directory

File Purpose Ant properties used with the build script
build.xml Ant build script
common_build.xml Ant Build Script
ivysettings.xml Settings for Ivy (used with build)
ivy.xml Dependencies for project (used with Ivy – used with build)
.project Eclipse project file
.classpath Eclipse classpath file
samples.iml IntelliJ project file
Sample*.bat Runs the sample (1/2/3) program on Windows
Sample *.launch Runs the sample (1/2/3) program from within Eclipse
Sample*.sh Runs the sample (1/2/3) project on linux
Sample4.war The WAR that can be dropped in a Servlet Container (Tomcat) and executed