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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Building a Custom Reporting Tool

The examples in this section have covered simple scenarios that don't involve a high degree of user interactivity. It's easy to imagine how far you can expand the example code, even to the point of building your own client tools. On a slightly smaller scale, you could build a report-generation program that merely takes some parameters from a user, then silently emails the report to designated recipients via the Java mail component. You could also design a reporting daemon or service that listens for incoming requests and outputs reports to a Web server.

Pentaho Report Designer is built on the Pentaho Reporting engine, as is the interactive reporting functionality built into the Pentaho User Console in the BI Platform. If you need a graphical report creation tool, it would be easier to modify Report Designer than it would be to rewrite it from scratch. For Web-based interactive reporting, you will have an easier time embedding the entire BI Platform than trying to isolate and embed just the interactive component.