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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Analyzer Samples

Displaying a report in viewer mode

This sample renders an xanalyzer report using a regular GET request, by populating an HTML IFRAME with the report REST URL:


The viewer has limited possibilities for interaction and does not allow changing the report.

Displaying a report in editor mode

The sample renders the report with full Analyzer IU by populating an HTML IFRAME with the report REST URL:


The IFRAME now renders the full Analyzer user interface, allowing users to interact with the data.

Creating a new report

The sample prepares a new report by populating an HTML IFRAME with the report REST URL:


The mandatory catalog and cube parameters specify the analysis schema and cube to use for the new report.

Integrating into a custom web application via an IFRAME

The sample opens a new page that mimics a parent application that integrates Analyzer using an IFrame. The parent application has a set of buttons interacting with the Analyzer UI in the embedded IFRAME. Studying this page is a good starting point, if you are trying to deeply integrate analyzer into your own web application.

Specifying the select schema service

The sample is opened with a specified data service.


After a data service is selected, the sample opens and shows an unsaved Analyzer report using that data service.