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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Integration Samples

This document comes with a set of sample web pages that show ways to integrate BA Server functionality and content into your web application. This document describes the techniques used by the various samples, so we recommend you deploy the samples on your BA Server when following this document.

Obtaining the Samples

The samples are packaged into a file named pentaho-sdk<version>.zip accessible for download in your Customer Support Portal. The readme file contains the information for deployment.

Deploying the Samples

To deploy the samples to your Pentaho server, follow these steps:

  • Stop the BA Server.
  • Run SDK > Installer.bat (or the corresponding script for your OS) to uncompress these two folders to your selected location: the integration-examples folder and platform-plugins.
  • Copy the integration-examples directory to your biserver-ee/tomcat/webapps directory.
  • Open the platform-plugins directory and copy these two folders: example-visualization and oem-tools.
  • Paste them into the .../biserver-ee/pentaho-solutions/system directory.
  • Restart the BA Server.

The samples are deployed and can be accessed by opening a web browser and navigating to http://localhost:8080/integration-examples.

If you want to access the OEM tools, browse to http://localhost:8080/pentaho/conten...web/index.html.

If you want to access the example-visualization, look under the Charts menu in Analyzer. It will be listed as Example KPI.