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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Customizing Analyzer Sort Options

Available Fields for Sorting in Analyzer

The Available fields list in Analyzer can be sorted using the View toggle with the following sorting options:

UI Label Description Sort Option
By Category Sorts by folder names. cmdViewCategory
Measure - Level - Time Sorts by the type of field. cmdViewType
A > Z Sorts by field names without any folders. cmdViewName
Schema Sorts in the same order thant is defined in the Mondrian schema file. cmdViewSchema

The default sort used in an Analyzer report is based on the following priority:

  1. A sort specified in an URL takes the highest priority.
  2. The last sort option is automatically remembered when a report is reopened.
  3. Next comes the annotation value specified on the report's cube in the Mondrian schema file.
  4. A system wide setting in file.
  5. Last, the default value of cmdViewCategory.

Specify the Sort Option with an URL

The sort option can be set in the URL by adding a "fieldListView" query parameter at the end of the URL.  For example, you can do something like this in a codeblock in HTML or XML.


Specify Sort Option with Annotation

To specify the sort option using an annotation, add a Cube-level annotation called "AnalyzerFieldListView" in your Mondrian schema file.  This annotation must be the first child element under a cube as shown here.

<Cube name="Quadrant Analysis">


              <Annotation name="AnalyzerFieldListView">cmdViewName</Annotation>


    <Table name="Quadrant_Acuals" />

    <DimensionUsage name="Region" source="Region" />

    <DimensionUsage name="Department" source="Department" />

    <DimensionUsage name="Positions" source="Positions" />

Specify the Sort Option through the file

This sort option is specified by setting the cmdViewType for the "report.field.list.view" property.

# Default field list view mode used to sort the available field

# list in the editor.  Possible values include: cmdViewCategory,

# cmdViewType, cmdViewSchema and cmdViewName

# This can also be overriden on a cube level with the annotation

# AnalyzerFieldListView