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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Resolve Pentaho Data Service Issues


Explains how to troubleshoot Pentaho Data Service Issues.

Pentaho Data Service Is Not Running Properly

List the services running on the DI Server or Carte Server using the listService command, like this: http://localhost:9080/pentaho-di/kettle/listServices.   If the data service appears in the list, the DI Server is set up correctly.  Check your network and client setup. If it doesn't appear in the list, try these things.

If you stored the transformation in the DI Repository:

  • Check the status using this command: http://localhost:9080/pentaho-di/kettle/status.  Make sure the repository name appears in the configuration details section.
  • If the repository name is missing or an error appears, check the configuration of the slave-server-config and accessibility of the repositories.xml file.  

If you didn't store the transformation in the DI Repository but instead stored it on the local file system, make sure the service name is listed and accessible from the user account that runs the DI Server in <users home>\.pentaho\metastore\pentaho\Kettle Data Service

If the service name, which is the table to query, is still missing, reopen the service transformation and check the data service in the transformation settings.