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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Increase Memory Limits on Microsoft Windows with a Wizard Installation

By default, Tomcat has a relatively low memory allotment. This can cause out-of-memory errors in the BA Server from time to time. The below instructions will explain how to increase the memory so you don't get this error. Instructions are also included for renaming the tomcat6 executable file so that BA Server starts automatically.

These instructions are for those who installed Pentaho Business Analytics graphically (as opposed to manually) and are Windows users.

  1. Go to the Windows Search Box and enter C:\Program Files\pentaho\server\biserver-ee\tomcat\bin\shutdown.bat to shutdown the Pentaho BA Server.
  2. Type services.msc into the Windows Search Box.
  3. Find the Pentaho Server name (Pentaho BA Server or Pentaho BI Server) and open it so you can find the service name. The service name should appear at the top of the first tab (General). It will be pentahobaserver.
  4. Go into the bin file (C:\Program Files\pentaho\server\biserver-ee\tomcat\bin\) and rename the tomcat6w.exe file to match the service name (pentahobaserver or pentahobiserver). This will ensure that the server starts with the software.
  5. After you have renamed the file, open it by double-clicking on it. This will not open the file, it will allow you to edit it. You may need to right-click and select Run as Administrator. This depends on your user permission settings. The Properties Window will open.
  6. Select the Java tab.
  7. Set the memory setting to a minimum of 4096 M and a maximum of 6144 M, depending on your computer's memory capabilities.
  8. Start the Tomcat server or service.
Your Tomcat server now has increased minimum and maximum memory limits. You can adjust the JvmMx number, which is a parameter that specifies the maximum limit, to a higher number if you prefer. However, if the Java virtual machine refuses to start with increased limits, then you will have to add more RAM to your system, stop some memory-intensive services, or reduce the maximum memory limit to a lower number. This problem occurs when there is not enough contiguous memory available to assign to the JVM.