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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Create and Modify Mondrian Schemas

Now that you have a physical data model in place, you must create a logical model that maps to it. A Mondrian schema is essentially an XML file that performs this mapping, thereby defining a multidimensional database structure.

In a very basic scenario, you will create a Mondrian schema with one cube that consists of a single fact table and a few dimensions, each with a single hierarchy consisting of a handful of levels. More complex schemas may involve multiple virtual cubes, and instead of mapping directly to the single fact table at the center of a star schema, they might map to views or inline tables instead.

All of the Mondrian XML elements are documented in this section in both a single quick reference list and a full individual reference piece for each element. Primarily you will be using Pentaho Schema Workbench to create Mondrian schemas graphically, though you can do advanced schema design through the Data Source Wizard in the User Console or through Schema Workbench later on.