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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Work with the Home Screen

Before you start using Pentaho Mobile, take a quick tour of the interface and basic navigation.

The Home screen is divided into three panels.

Recent This panel displays a list of the last ten files you have opened with Pentaho Mobile and the Pentaho User Console. You can change the maximum number of file names that appear by going to Settings.
Favorites This panel displays a list of the files marked as favorites.
Opened Files This panel displays a list of files that are currently open.

Using the buttons on the Home screen, you can navigate to and select files that contain the content you want to view. You can also perform other actions.

Browse Files Browse files saved on the Pentaho Analysis Server.
Create New Content Create a new Pentaho Analyzer report.
Startup Screen Open the file you have selected to load when Pentaho Mobile launches. If you want to edit this selection, tap Settings.
Settings Specify options for configuring Pentaho Mobile.
Refresh All Refresh the Recents, Favorites, and Open Files lists.
Help Access the Pentaho Mobile documentation.

There are three buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Home Instantly navigate to the Home screen.
New This button displays if you have permission to create new Analyzer reports.
Open View a list of open files. The number of open files appears as a badge on the icon. You can also use this button to close files by tapping the X that is located after the file name. If no files are open, the Browse option appears so you can select a file to open.