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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Use Carte Clusters to Run Transformations and Jobs


Introduces Carte clustering concepts.

Carte is a simple web server that allows you to execute transformations and jobs remotely.  It receives XML (using a small servlet) that contains the transformation to execute and the execution configuration.  It allows you to remotely monitor, start and stop the transformations and jobs that run on the Carte server.  

You can set up an individual instance of Carte to operate as a standalone execution engine for a job or transformation.  In Spoon you can define one or more Carte servers and send jobs and transformations to them.  If you want to improve PDI performance for resource-intensive transformations and jobs, use a Carte cluster.

You can cluster the DI Server to provide failover support.   If you decide to use the DI Server, you must enable the proxy trusting filter as explained in Execute Scheduled Jobs on a Remote Carte Server, then set up your dynamic Carte slaves and define the DI Server as the master.