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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Get Help and Version Information


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There are several ways to get help on how to use PDI.  You can also easily find out which version you are using, as well as which plugins you have installed.

View Documentation

The most up-to-date documentation for PDI is available at our website.  You can also access the documentation by selecting Help > Documentation in Spoon.

View Welcome Window

The Welcome window has links to documentation, blogs, and other information that can help you as use PDI.  This window comes up, by default, when you start Spoon.  If you want to change whether the Welcome window appears when Spoon starts, see the Customizing the Spoon Interface article.

To see the Welcome window at any time, do these things.

  1. Select Help > Welcome Screen in Spoon. 
  2. The Welcome window appears as a new tabbed window on the canvas.
  3. To dismiss the Welcome window, click the in the upper right corner to dismiss the tabbed window.

View PDI Version

To view the version of PDI that you have installed, do these things.

  1. Select Help > About from Spoon.  The PDI Version splash screen appears.
  2. Click the splash screen to close it.

View Installed Plugins and Versions

PDI has plugins that are installed by default.  You can also add plugins using the Marketplace, which is explained in detail in the Install a Plugin from the PDI Marketplace article.  To view the plugins that are installed and their versions, complete these steps.

  1. Select Help > Show plugin information ....  The Plugin browser window appears.
  2. Installed plugins are filtered by type.  To view the different types, select one from the Plugin type drop down menu.
  3. When complete, click the Close button to close the window.

Troubleshoot Problems

The Troubleshoot PDI Issues guide contains many troubleshooting articles.  You can also review logs to learn more about the problems you are having.

Getting Training, Technical Support, Services, and More

Pentaho offers a full complement of training classes, technical support, and services.  To learn more about these things, check out our support resources and our Pentaho website.