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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation



Describes the prerequisites and expertise needed to work with the Data Source Wizard.

Before you can create Pentaho reports and analysis, the BA Server needs to know where to find your data and how to connect to it, what data you want to use, how the data is structured, and what the data is like. The Data Source Wizard helps you define a data source that contains this information and guides you through the creation of your first relational or multidimensional data models for use in creating reports and analysis.

After you define a data source, you can make it available to people who create reports and analysis so they can simply pick the data source they want to use from a list and begin creating their reports or analysis. One data source can be used by any number of reports or analysis.


Before you can work with data sources, you must have installed the Pentaho software and configured the BA Server.


The topics in this section are written for data scientists who know how and where data is stored, how to connect to it, and details about the computing environment.


We provide a web application, the User Console, which you use to perform most data source and data modeling tasks.

Login Credentials

All of the tasks in this section require that you log on to the User Console with the permissions to work with data sources.