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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Completing Your Transformation


Explains how complete the transformation.

After you resolve missing zip code information, the last task is to clean up the field layout on your lookup stream. Cleaning up makes it so that it matches the format and layout of your other stream going to the Write to Database step. Create a Select values step for renaming fields on the stream, removing unnecessary fields, and more.

  1. Add a Select Values step to your transformation by expanding the Transform folder and choosing Select Values.
  2. Create a hop from the Lookup Missing Zips to the Select Values step.
  3. Double-click the Select Values step to open its properties dialog box.
  4. Rename the Select Values step to Prepare Field Layout.
  5. Click Get fields to select to retrieve all fields and begin modifying the stream layout.
  6. Select the ZIP_RESOLVED field in the Fields list and use <CTRL><UP> to move it just below the POSTALCODE field (the one that still contains null values).
  7. Select the old POSTALCODE field in the list (line 20) and delete it. 


  1. The original POSTALCODE field was formatted as an 9-character string. You must modify your new field to match the form. Click the Meta-Data tab.
  2. In the first row of the Fields to alter table the meta-data for section, click in the Fieldname column and select ZIP_RESOLVED.
  3. Type POSTALCODE in the Rename to column; select String in the Type column, and type 9 in the Length column. Click OK to exit the edit properties dialog box.
  4. Draw a hop from the Prepare Field Layout (Select values) step to the Write to Database (Table output) step.
  5. When prompted, select the Main output of the step option.
  6. Save your transformation.