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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Data Integration Components


Introduction to the DI Server, Spoon, Kitchen, Pan, Carte, and plugins.

Pentaho Data Integration components are comprised of a server, a design tool, command line utilities, and plugins that you can use to manipulate your data. DI Components are divided into three categories:  Data Integration Server, Design Tools and Command Line Utilities, and Plugins.

Data Integration Server

The DI Server runs centrally stored transformations and jobs. The DI Server also hosts the DI repository and processing engine, provides a service layer for security and authentication, and allows scheduling.

Manage the DI Server through its related tool, Spoon.

Design Tools and Command Line Utilities

Spoon is the only DI design tool component.


The DI Server is a core component that executes data integration jobs and transformations using the Pentaho Data Integration Engine. It also provides the services allowing you to schedule and monitor scheduled activities. Drag job entries and transformation steps onto the Spoon canvas, or choose from a rich library of more than 300 pre-built transformation steps and job entries to create a series of data integration processing instructions.


Kitchen, Pan, and Carte

Use Pan to execute PDI transformations, which represent a data stream through a set of independent tasks. Kitchen can orchestrate PDI jobs, which contain transformations and other job entries as part of a larger business process. Use Carte to set up dedicated, remote PDI servers, so you can coordinate jobs across a collection of clustered computers, and execute transformations within a cluster of Carte cluster nodes.

Plugins and Command Line Utilities

PDI has many plugins that can be accessed from the marketplace. But there is one plugin that is installed by default:

Agile BI

Agile BI is an accelerated development approach, which links Spoon’s data integration to Analyzer and its visualizations. You can immediately see analyzed results as you change your data mart or data models, without leaving Spoon. This technique helps data design professionals and business users work together to rapidly resolve business analysis concerns.

Next Steps

Now that you are familiar with components, use our workflows to evaluate the Pentaho BA Suite.