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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Introducing Pentaho Business Analytics


Discover why you want to use the Pentaho Business Analytics Suite.

The Pentaho Business Analytics (BA) Suite is a single, comprehensive platform from which you can access, integrate, manipulate, visualize, and analyze your data. Whether data is stored in a flat file, relational database, Hadoop, NoSQL database, analytic database, social media streams, operational stores, or in the cloud, the Pentaho BA Suite helps you discover, analyze, and visualize data to find the answers you need -- even if you have no coding experience. If you can program, you can customize reports, queries, transformations, or extend functionality using our extensive API.

  • Empower Your Organization To Explore, Discover, and Innovate: Pentaho's intuitively designed tools help business analysts, data analysts, data scientists, and others quickly connect to, explore, discover, and visualize data. Pentaho's comprehensive training and technical support, professional services, pre-sales support, and professional documentation suite provide many avenues for learning, problem-solving, and other assistance.

  • Harness the Power of Big Data: Pentaho Data Integration provides visual tools that help you define and analyze data sets. Pentaho's technology agnostic design allows you to connect to many types of data sources including Hadoop. Interface with Cloudera, Intel, MapR, Hortonworks, Cassandra, Splunk, Impala, MongoDB, DataStax, Hive and other Big Data technologies. Process large data sets across clustered computers with Pentaho MapReduce, which you can run even if you have no programming experience. Beecause the Pentaho BA Suite is part of a comprehensive platform that encompasses business analytics and data integration, you can create reports that feature big data, and use technologies such as Weka to perform predictive analytics.

  • Visualize and Create Reports in Minutes: A full complement of reporting and modeling tools are at your fingertips. Intuitive interfaces that include drag-and-drop functionality help even novice users rapidly create print-ready reports from a variety of data sources. Tools range from Interactive Reports and Analyzer, which allow you to create quick reports to answer immediate business questions to Dashboard Designer, which allows you to create many reports at once. You can also use Pentaho Report Designer to create highly-detailed, professional, pixel perfect reports.

  • Visually Integrate and Connect to Data: With the Pentaho BA Suite you can extract and integrate data from multiple sources, with or without data warehouses or data marts. Our easy-to-use data wizard helps you quickly create and test connections. Use the Spoon visual design tool to transform data into structures that fit your reporting and analytical needs and to enrich the data. Use Pentaho Data Integration tools to clean data and make it consistent. 
  • Deploy on Windows, Linux, Mac ... Or Go Mobile: Pentaho BA Suite can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac, and OS X mobile platforms. Install all components on a single computer or distribute them across your network. Or, create clusters to support enterprise-level implementations.

The Pentaho BA Suite consists of BA and Data Integration (DI) components.

  • BA Components help you create compelling visualizations, reports, and dashboards, based on data models that you design.
  • DI Components allows you to connect to and extract data from diverse data sources such as relational databases, NoSQL databases, and Hadoop. DI allows provides a visual interface that you can use to transform your data to support business analytics.