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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Prepare Your Environment


Explains how to prepare your environment for the upgrade.

Before You Begin

Before you begin your upgrade to Pentaho 5.4, make sure that you meet these prerequisites.

  • Start with a working installation of Pentaho BA and PDI version 5.2.x.
  • To minimize the impact to your business, we recommend that you back up all files of the existing Pentaho installation before starting the update. This step should be a part of your roll-back plan.
  • Back up all your Pentaho databases, including all Hibernate, Quartz, and Jackrabbit databases, before starting the update. This step should be a part of your roll-back plan.
  • Review the Minor Functionality Updates for 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 to determine whether configuration or feature changes will impact your upgrade.

The Pentaho update process uses the Info-ZIP utility to aid in backing up and restoring your system’s existing configuration files. 

For Linux or Unix machines, download, install, and configure Info-ZIP open source compression utility using the Info-ZIP documentation. Info-ZIP is available at‐  The license is a BSD-style license and is provided for most Linux and Unix variants.

For Windows, the Info-ZIP utility is included in the Pentaho update package and does not require any additional configuration.

For Linux users, configure the .sh files by adding the execute attribute using this command: chmod +x *.sh.

Get the Pentaho Update and Utility Files

  • Update and utility files are available on the Pentaho Customer Support Portal Downloads page. This page requires you log on with the Pentaho support user name and password provided in your Pentaho Welcome Packet.
  • The BA and DI files are stored separately in a Box gadget found at the bottom of each of these pages.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics-xx for this version contains the update and utility files for BA server, its plugins, and design tools.


  • Pentaho Data Integration-xx for this version contains the update and utility files for DI server, its plugins, and design tools.


Update Files

The Client and Server folders contain a set of update files for each supported operating system.

Here is a list of BA and DI files you should download to perform a complete 5.4.x update.


  • BA Server:biserver‐ee‐5.4.x-yy-dist
  • DI Server:pdi‐ee‐5.4.x-yy-dist


  • Pentaho Analyzer plugin:paz‐plugin‐ee‐5.4.x-yy-dist
  • Pentaho Dashboard Designer plugin: pdd‐plugin‐ee‐5.4.x-yy-dist
  • Pentaho Interactive Reporting plugin:pir‐plugin‐ee‐5.4.x-yy-dist
  • Pentaho Mobile:pentaho‐mobile‐plugin‐5.4.0-yy-dist

Design Tools          

  • Report Designer: prd‐ee‐5.4.x-yy-dist
  • Metadata Editor: pme‐ee‐5.4.x-yy-dist
  • Schema Workbench:psw‐ee‐3.10.x-yy-dist
  • Aggregation Designer:pad‐ee‐5.4.x-yy-dist
  • Data Integration:pdi‐ee‐client‐5.4.x-yy-dist

Unzipping Distribution Files

The files include an End-User License Agreement which you will be prompted to accept prior to extracting the files.

  1. Unzip the selected file.
  2. Execute the supplied install.bat or files.
  3. When prompted, agree to the end-user license agreement.
  4. Choose the location to store the extracted files.

Utility Files

From the root-level of the Box gadget, open the Utilities and Tools folder and download This file contains the scripts which you will use during the update process to backup and restore the BA and DI configuration and solution files.

Scripts Description
BAServerConfigAndSolutionsBackup DIServerConfigAndSolutionsBackup These scripts create one to three .zip files in the current user’s home directory. These .zip files contain your customizations.
BAServerConfigAndSolutionsRestore DIServerConfigAndSolutionsRestore These scripts restore the custom files in the .zip files created by the backup script utility. Your customizations are restored in the new installed Pentaho suite.

Prepare Your Environment

Complete these steps prior to performing the installation instructions.

  1. Log on to the operating system of the server machine as the user that installed Pentaho 5.1.x, 5.2.x, or 5.3.x.
  2. Stop the BA server if you are updating BA or stop the DI server if you are updating DI. This link shows you how:
  3. If you have not done so already, complete a database backup of the Quartz, Hibernate, and Jackrabbit databases. If you are using PostgreSQL, use the command-line tool pg_dump in the postgresql bin directory. You will need to set permissions as the main user for each database.
Database for BA Database for DI User Name
jackrabbit di_jackrabbit jcr_user
hibernate di_hibernate hibuser
quartz di_quartz pentaho_user

Here is a Windows example for backing up the Jackrabbit database for BA.       

"C:\Program Files\pentaho\postgresql\bin\pg_dump" –U jcr_user jackrabbit > "%TEMP%\jackrabbit.dmp"

Here is a Linux example for backing up the Jackrabbit database for BA.

'postgresql/bin/pg_dump' –U jcr_user jackrabbit > /tmp/jackrabbit.dmp

If you have more than one instance of Postgres running, then you will need to specify the port number.

If you are not using PostgreSQL, then use the tools provided by your database vendor to complete your backup of that database.