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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


This document explains dashboard theory and content and template design with Pentaho software. There are three ways to create a dashboard from Pentaho content:

Method Purpose
Pentaho Dashboard Designer Quick and easy dashboards based on existing Pentaho content produced by Report Designer, Interactive Reporting or Analyzer; or charts and data tables created through Dashboard Designer or the Data Source Wizard. Basically, Dashboard Designer enables you to display content in a predefined layout; there is a low degree of customization, but greater ease of use than other dashboard methodologies.
Community Dashboard Framework (CDF) CDF is an open, community-supported framework for creating dashboards from XML configuration files and HTML templates. CDF dashboards must be created by hand from a text editor and are thus not nearly as quick and easy to create as Dashboard Designer dashboards, but there is much more flexibility with how content is displayed and refreshed.
Custom JSPs If you are a Java Web developer (or have one on staff), you can create your own JSPs that display Pentaho content in whatever ways are possible through the BI Platform's content and service APIs. Of course this is the most difficult way to create a dashboard, but it allows you complete freedom in terms of the type of content that can be displayed, and how that content is laid out. Depending on the complexity of the design and the technical details of the implementation, a JSP dashboard could perform better than CDF or Dashboard Designer, but will take considerably longer to develop.