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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Creating Attributes


Create attributes for your data with the Annotation Stream step.

An attribute is used to create a single level hierarchy, using either a field or existing hierarchy level.

These steps guide you through creating an attribute using the Annotate Stream step.

  1. Double click to open up the Annotate Stream dialog.
  2. Click on the Select Fields... button to choose a field to use to create the attribute.
  3. Double click on that field in the list of Annotations.
  4. Select Create Attribute from the Actions menu.
    1. Enter the Attribute Name and choose the Dimension type.
    2. Optionally, you can enter an ordinal field, write a description, choose a hierarchy, and designate if the attribute Is Unique.
  5. For Time Level attributes:
    1. Choose a Time Level Type.
    2. Choose a Time Source Format from the list.
    3. Choose a Parent attribute if you want to create a relationship between two time attributes.
  6. For Geo annotations:
    1. Choose a Geo Type from the list.
    2. Choose a Parent attribute if you want to create a relationship between two geo attributes.
  7. Click OK to finish the attribute or click Cancel to exit.

This is an example of the Annotate - Create Attribute dialog box, along with a table that has more details about each field.

Options Description
Name - Value Displays the name of the annotation component. Click in the Value column next to the item that you want to work with.
Attribute Name Type a name for your attribute.
Time Level Type Choose a Time Level Type from the drop down menu.
Time Source Format Choose the format that you want the attribute to appear in.
Ordinal Field Refers to the field used to sort the members in ascending order.
Description Enter a description for the attribute.
Parent Attribute Gives you the ability to create multi-level hierarchies.
Dimension Choose an existing dimension or create a new dimension for the attribute.
Hierarchy Choose an existing hierarchy or create a new hierarchy for the attribute.
Is Unique Set to true when member names do not repeat under different parents. Setting to true will optimize SQL generation in Mondrian.
Help Provides a link to the Help documentation.
Previous Scrolls back through the list of created annotations on the model.
Next Scrolls forward through a list of created annotations on the model.
OK Click OK to save.
Cancel Click Cancel to close the window.