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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Conditional Formatting Expressions

Valid MDX format strings contain properties that apply special rendering for the HTML pivot tables. A format string follows this syntax:

| # , # # # | style = red

The leading | (pipe) tells Analyzer that this format string contains properties. The #,### is the measure's value format, which in this example is one number separated from three further places or decimal places by a comma (for instance: 3,667). style=red is a key/value pair; all possible keys and values are explained in the table below.

The following properties are supported by Analyzer:
Indicator Type Description Values
style Changes the cell background color. red, yellow, green
arrow Shows a trend arrow that points up or down. A value of none will not render the arrow; this is useful in situations in which you only want to show one directional arrow instead of two. up, down, none
link Creates an HTML link which will open in a new window when clicked in Analyzer. Any browser-renderable URL

Must be a fully-qualified URL

URL must be enclosed in quotes
image Renders a custom image that you specify. This image file must be stored in the /pentaho-solutions/system/analyzer/resource/image/report/ directory. An image file name, with extension