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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation



This section covers the prerequisites and tools needed to work with the Pentaho User Console.

The User Console is a fun, easy to use, web-based design environment where you can analyze data, create interactive reports, dashboard reports, and build integrated dashboards to share business intelligence solutions with others in your organization and on the internet. In addition to its design features, the User Console offers a wide variety of system administration features for configuring the Business Analytics (BA) Server, maintaining Pentaho licenses, setting up security, managing report scheduling, and tailoring system performance to meet your requirements.


Before you can work with the User Console, install the Pentaho software and configure the BA Server.


The User Console does not require any special skills or knowledge to use its design environment. However, to use its system administration features you should know where your data is stored and how to access it, as well as details about your system configuration and security providers.


Through the User Console you can access these Pentaho tools and features, as well as the BA Repository on the BA Server.

  • Analyzer
  • Interactive Reports
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Dashboard Designer
  • Data Source Wizard
  • Data Source Model Editor