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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Interface Perspectives


Links to the different perspectives in PDI.

Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) provides you with tools that include ETL, modeling, and visualization in one unified environment — the Spoon interface. This integrated environment allows you to work in close cooperation with business users to build business intelligence solutions more quickly and efficiently.

When you are working in Spoon you can change perspectives, or switch from designing ETL jobs and transformations to modeling your data, and visualizing it. As users provide you with feedback about how the data is presented to them, you can quickly make iterative changes to your data directly in Spoon by changing perspectives. The ability to quickly respond to feedback and to collaborate with business users is part of the Pentaho Agile BI initiative.

From within Spoon you can change perspectives using the Perspective toolbar located in the upper-right corner.

The perspectives in PDI enable you to focus how you work with different aspects of data.

  • The Welcome Page—Contains useful links to documentation, community links for getting involved in the Pentaho Data Integration project, and links to blogs from some of the top contributors to the Pentaho Data Integration project. .
  • Data Integration Perspective—Connect to data sources and extract, transform, and load your data

  • Model Perspective—Create a metadata model to identify the relationships within your data structure

  • Visualize Perspective—Create charts, maps, and diagrams based on your data

  • Instaview Perspective—Create a data connection, a metadata model, and analysis reports all at once with a dialog-guided, template-based reporting tool

  • Schedule Perspective—Plan when to run data integration jobs and set timed intervals to automatically send the output to your preferred destinations