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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Wrapping it Up


Explains how to visualize the data.

Follow these instructions to complete your Agile BI exercise:

  1. Click Visualize to return to your Top 10 Countries chart. Next, you will update your dimensional model with the new Deal Size attribute.
  2. Click View in the Visualizations Properties to view the current model in the Model Editor perspective.
  3. Click Refresh Table Metadata.  The DEALSIZE field is listed as one of the available fields. 
  4. Drag the DEALSIZE field from the list of available fields on the left onto the Dimensions folder in the Model panel in the middle. This adds a new dimension called DEALSIZE with a single default hierarchy and level of the same name. ModelEditor.png
  5. Click Save on the main toolbar to save your updated model. Click Visualize to return to your Top 10 Countries chart.
  6. Click Reload Current Model to update your field list to include the new DEALSIZE attribute.
  7. Click Toggle Layout to open the Layout panel.
  8. Drag DEALSIZE from the field list on the left into the Color Stack section of the Layout panel.
  9. Click Toggle Layout to close the Layout Panel. You have successfully delivered your business user’s request