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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Filter Records with Missing Postal Codes


Explains how to apply a filter.

After completing Retrieve Data from a Flat File, you are ready to add the next step to your transformation. The source file contains several records that are missing postal codes. Use the Filter Rows transformation step to separate out those records so that you can resolve them in a later exercise.

  1. Add a Filter Rows step to your transformation. Under the Design tab, select Flow > Filter Rows.
  2. Create a hop between the Read Sales Data step and the Filter Rows step. Hops are used to describe the flow of data in your transformation. To create the hop, click the Read Sales Data (Text File input) step, then press the <SHIFT> key down and draw a line to the Filter Rows step.
  3. Double-click the Filter Rows step. The Filter Rows window appears.
  4. In the Step Name field type, Filter Missing Zips.
  5. Under The condition, click <field>. The Fields window appears. These are the conditions you can select.
  6. In the Fields window select POSTALCODE and click OK.
  7. Click on the comparison operator (set to = by default) and select the IS NOT NULL from the Functions: window that appears.
  8. Click OK​ to close the Functions: window.
  9. Click OK to exit the Filter Rows window.
    Note: You will return to this step later and configure the Send true data to step and Send false data to step settings after adding their target steps to your transformation.
  10. Select File > Save to save your transformation.