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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Create Transformations


Introduction to transformations.

The Data Integration perspective of Spoon allows you to create two basic document types: transformations and jobs. Transformations are used to describe the data flows for ETL such as reading from a source, transforming data and loading it into a target location. Jobs are used to coordinate ETL activities such as defining the flow and dependencies for what order transformations should be run, or prepare for execution by checking conditions such as, "Is my source file available?," or "Does a table exist in my database?"

This exercise will step you through building your first transformation with Pentaho Data Integration introducing common concepts along the way. The exercise scenario includes a flat file (.csv) of sales data that you will load into a database so that mailing lists can be generated. Several of the customer records are missing postal codes (zip codes) that must be resolved before loading into the database. The logic looks like this: