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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Creating a Chart in Instaview

If you are not already, change to View mode by clicking View on the --check--Configure mode switch at the top of the interface.

These instructions explain how to create a chart that displays the top-ten EMEA Countries by Sales, which requires using a filter to determine the top-ten sales regions by sales and creating a chart to display the data.

  1. Filter the table to display the top-ten countries by sales by right-clicking on the Country header, then selecting Top 10, etc.

    The Numeric Filter dialog box appears. Leave the default settings then click OK.

  2. Switch the format of the report by clicking the Chart type drop-down arrow File:/instaview_switch_to_chart_button.png then select Stacked Column.

A stacked column chart appears and displays only the top-ten EMEA countries by sorted sales.