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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Correcting Data Quality Issues in Instaview

Review the table you created using the procedures in Creating an Analyzer Report in Instaview. Do you notice a problem with the quality of the data? Within the table is a record for United States and a record for USA, each with separate sales figures.


This is a data quality issue. Within an organization, acceptable data quality is crucial to the reliability of business analytics reporting. The way data is entered, stored, and managed can have an impact on data quality. Maintaining data quality requires going through the data periodically and scrubbing it. Typically this involves updating, standardizing, and removing duplicating records to create a single view of the data.

Follow these instructions to correct the data quality issue.

  1. Click Configure on the Configure mode switch at the top. You are now in Configure mode .
  2. In the Data Integration panel, click Edit. An alert dialog box appears warning you that making changes to the transformation could cause your Instaview to no longer work as you expect. This brings you to the Data Integration perspective.
  3. Right-click the Input step from the flow and choose Detach step.
  4. In the Design tab on the left, under the Transform folder locate the Value Mapper transformation step and drag it onto the canvas on the right, in-between the Input and Do Not Edit steps. File:/instaview_value_mapper_callout.png
  5. Press CNTRL and select the Input step then the Value Mapper step. Then right-click on either step and select New Hop from the menu.

    A dialog box appears. Confirm the From step is Input and the To step is Value Mapper, then click OK to create the new hop.


    Repeat this step to create another hop from the Value Mapper step to the Do Not Edit step.

  6. Configure the Value Mapper step by double-clicking it.
    1. For Fieldname to use, select COUNTRY from the drop-down list.
    2. For Source Value, enter USA.
    3. For Target value, enter United States.


  1. Save the transformation by clicking the save icon File:/instaview_pdi_save_button.png.
  2. Run the transformation by click the Run icon File:/instaview_run_icon.png.

    The transformation runs successfully, indicated by green check marks in the upper-right corner of each step.


  3. Switch back to the Instaview perspective by clicking Instaview on the Perspective toolbar.

You are now back in Configure mode and you configured the transformation to join the duplicate fields. To verify the changes took affect in View mode, you must first clear and refresh the data cache from within Configure mode. See Clearing the Data Cache in Instaview for instructions clearing and refreshing the data cache, and confirming the data quality issue was corrected.