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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Introduction to Instaview


Overview of Instaview, its features, and its benefits.

With Instaview, you can access, transform, analyze, and visualize data without having extensive experience designing business analytics solutions or staging databases. Instaview gives you immediate access to your data so you can quickly explore different ways to structure and present your data as a complete business analytics solution. In addition to extracting and loading the data, Instaview gives you the ability to manipulate the data to make it fit your specific needs from within one simple tool.

When you create an Instaview you

  • Create a new data source from which to extract and transform your data.
  • Create a data model to define how columns and fields relate to one-another.
  • Create an Analyzer Report with tables and charts from your transformed data.

Don't have time to mess around?

Once you have started Instaview, follow the tutorial using the sample data provided, beginning with the Creating a New Instaview section.

To examine the interface and controls, see the Navigating The Instaview Interface sections.

If you began while already within Pentaho Data Integration, you can access Instaview anytime by selecting the Instaview perspective button on the toolbar.