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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Interactive Reporting Samples

Displaying an Interactive report

This sample renders a .prpti report using a regular GET request, by populating an HTML IFRAME with the report REST URL. The viewer has limited possibilities for interaction and can't edit the report. The example below shows how to do this by replacing the path within the <> with the URL for the report that you want to view.


You can use the prpti.edit end-point instead, to allow more user interaction with the report.


Creating a new interactive report

The sample prepares a new report by populating an HTML IFRAME with the report REST URL.


In order to show the toolbar buttons so that users can create, open, or save Interactive reports, add the following to the end of the URL.


Users will be prompted to select the data source they want to work with. 

Integrating into a custom web application via an IFRAME

The sample opens a new page that mimics a parent application that integrates the Interactive Reporting editor using an IFrame. The parent application has a set of buttons interacting with the Interactive Reporting UI in the embedded IFRAME. Studying this page is a good starting point, if you are trying to deeply integrate Interactive Reporting into your own web application.