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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Monitor Job and Transformation Results

You can view remotely executed and scheduled job and transformation details, including the date and time that they were run, and their status and results, through the Kettle Status page. To view it, navigate to the /pentaho-di/kettle/status page on your Data Integration Server (change the host name and port to match your configuration):


You must be logged in to ensure you are redirected to the login page.

You can get to a similar page in Spoon by using the Monitor function of a slave server.

Notice the Configuration details table at the bottom of the screen. This shows the three configurable settings for schedule and remote execution logging. See slave-server-config.xml for more information on what these settings do and how you can modify them.

Note: This page clears when the server is restarted, or at the interval specified by the object_timeout_minutes setting.