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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Change Settings

If you want to change your settings, tap the Settings button. You will find these options while in Settings.

Startup Screen

Change the Startup Screen to load with a file instead of the default Home screen. To load a file on startup, tap Select a file, navigate to the correct file, and select it. The selected file appears in the Startup Screen list with a highlighted option button. If you want to make the Pentaho Home screen the startup screen again, tap the Pentaho Default Home option button.

Recent Files

To change the number of recent files tap the plus or minus next to Keep The Last. You can also tap Clear All Recent Files.

Clearing Favorites and Settings

To clear favorites and settings for Pentaho Mobile:

  • Tap Clear All Favorites to clear your favorites list.
  • Tap Reset All Settings to reset all of your settings, including local storage, such as saved password settings and dialog preferences. Reset All Settings also clears the Recents list in the Pentaho User Console.


This content appears when you tap Help.

Pentaho Mobile Information

Tap About Pentaho Mobile for product information, such as version number.

Password Protection

To specify whether or not your password is saved, tap Remember me on this device and toggle the switch to Yes or No. You will automatically be signed in when you start Pentaho Mobile.


Tap Logout to end your session of Pentaho Mobile.