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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Add a Report Designer Report to a Dashboard

Use these steps to add a report created with Report Designer.

  1. Select a panel in the Dashboard Designer.
  2. Click (Insert) and choose File. A browser window opens.
  3. Locate the appropriate report file.
  4. Click Select to place the report inside the dashboard panel. Pagination control arrows at the top of a report allows you to scroll through long reports. Notice that the report file name, Inventory.prpt, appears under Content: in the dashboard edit pane in the sample below. This sample report contains parameters. You can enter values manually and link them to a dashboard filter in the text boxes under Source. When the report renders again, the parameter value(s) you entered are included in the report. Important: If you choose a Report Designer file to place in a dashboard, but do not supply values for required parameters, the report will show up blank.