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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Access the User Console


The User Console is a convenient web-based tool where you can perform configuration and maintenance tasks, as well as create data analysis, interactive reports, and dashboards. There are tasks you should perform when you first login to the console.

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To access the User Console for the first time, login using the Pentaho administrator user name and password.

  1. Start the BA Server.
  2. In a browser, go to the IP address of the server and the port. For example, because the default server is localhost and the default port is 8080, the default URL is http://localhost:8080/. The Login dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the default administrator name, admin.
  4. Enter the default password, password.
  5. Click OK. The User Console Home page appears.



Tour the Administration Page

The User Console has one unified place, called the Administration page, where people logged in with a role that has permissions to administer security can perform system configuration and maintenance tasks. If you see Administration in the left drop-down menu on the User Console Home page, you can click it to reveal menu items having to do with administration of the BA Server. If you do not have administration privileges, Administration does not appear on the home page.



Item Control Name Function
File:/grCallout1.png Administration Open the Administration perspective of the User Console. The Administration perspective enables you to set up users, configure the mail server, change authentication settings on the BA Server, and install software licenses for Pentaho.
File:/grCallout2.png Users & Roles Manage the Penatho users or roles for the BA Server.
File:/grCallout3.png Authentication Set the security provider for the BA Server to either the default Pentaho Security or LDAP/Active Directory.
File:/grCallout4.png Mail Server Set up the outgoing email server and the account used to send reports through email.
File:/grCallout5.png Licenses Manage Pentaho software licenses.
File:/grCallout6.png Settings Manage settings for deleting older generated files, either manually or by creating a schedule for deletion.

Change the Administrator Password

After you have logged into the User Console for the first time, it is a best practice to change the default administrator password.