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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Publish a File to the BA Server


Follow this process if you want to publish a file to the BA Server:

Click the link that publishes a file to the BA Server: http://localhost:8080/api/repo/publish/publishfile. This publishes the file to the provided path in the repository. Note that the file will be overwritten if the overwrite flag is set to true.
Table 1. Parameters
Name Description Type Default
pathId (colon separated path for the repository file) formdata false
fileContents (input stream containing the data) formdata false
overwriteFile (flag to determine whether to overwrite the existing file in the repository or not) formdata false
fileInfo (information about the file being imported) formdata false


Sample code for reference purposes can be found at Github for Pentaho. Look for the file called under the pentaho-reporting repostitory.

The file is now published to the BA Server and is available to users.