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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Community Dashboard Framework (CDF)

CDF dashboards are extremely flexible and work well with Pentaho content, but it takes a good understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop them. This section explains how to view some Pentaho-supplied CDF examples and how to create a simple dashboard.

This document represents the only official, maintained, and up-to-date documentation that Pentaho provides on the Community Dashboard Framework. If you need to purchase further CDF development support, contact your Pentaho account representative. You can also purchase more in-depth documentation and examples directly from WebDetails.


Exploring the CDF Sample Content

Pentaho ships sample CDF dashboards with the archive package and graphical installer for the BA Server. By default, the samples are not exposed in the solution repository.

To make them visible, upload the .zip file containing the samples to the BA Server, then edit the /pentaho-solutions/plugin-samples/ file and set the value of the <visible> element to true, then refresh your solution repository.

Once you have exposed the samples, you can find the CDF content in the cdf-samples directory within bi-developers. Each example is minimally self-documented; you should examine each sample to read the comments in the code and in the rendered dashboard to find out more about how CDF works.