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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Link Dashboard Prompts to Analyzer Parameters

This process only applies to dashboards that include parameterized Analyzer reports. You must have an Analyzer report with a query parameter in it in order to proceed.

The instructions below explain how to parameterize an Analyzer report.

  1. In Analyzer, choose a field in your report to which you want to link; then, right-click and choose Filter.

    In the example below, data will be filtered by Territory.

  2. In the Filter dialog box, enter a name for the parameter in the Parameter Name text box and click the check box to enable it. File:/45_ana_parm_name.png
  3. Select the values you want associated with the parameter. Use the arrows to add values to the box on the right. File:/46_ana_filter_values.png
  4. Click OK to exit the Filter dialog box.
  5. Save your Analyzer report.

    In the upper left corner of the report, you can see that a filter is in use. Click File:/edit.png (Edit) to edit your filter; click File:/27_delete.png to delete the filter.

  6. Create a dashboard and drag the Analyzer report into a panel.

    The name of the parameter appears in the lower portion of the dashboard under Parameters.

  7. Add a filter to the dashboard based on the parameter you created in your Analyzer report. The filter appears in the dashboard.