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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Fix Transformation and Job Problems


Provides information on how to fix transformation and job issues.

There are several common transformation and job problems that can be easily addressed.

Cannot Execute or Modify a Transformation or Job

If you cannot run, preview, debug, replay, verify, schedule, copy, export, or save a transformation or job, have an administrative user check if the role to which you are assigned has been granted execute permission.  Execute permission is needed to perform these tasks.

Action Sequences That Call PDI Content Won't Run

If you've established a solution repository in PDI to store your jobs and transformations, and you attempt to use that stored PDI content in an action sequence on the BA Server, the action sequence will not execute. This is because the BA Server needs specific connection information for the Data Integration (DI) Server in order to retrieve the job or transformation.

Kitchen can't read KJBs from a Zip export

Note: This also applies to Pan and KTR files in Zip archives.

If you are trying to read a KJB file from a Zip export but are getting errors, you may have a syntax error in your Kitchen command. Zip files must be prefaced by a ! (exclamation mark) character. On Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, you must escape the exclamation mark with a backslash: \!


Kitchen.bat /file:"zip:file:///C:/Pentaho/PDI Examples/Sandbox/!Hourly_Stats_Job_Unix.kjb"


./ -file:"zip:file:////home/user/pentaho/pdi-ee/my_package/\!Hourly_Stats_Job_Unix.kjb"

Jobs Scheduled on DI Server Cannot Execute Transformation on Remote Carte Server

You may see an error like this one when trying to schedule a job to run on a remote Carte server:

ERROR 11-05 09:33:06,031 - !UserRoleListDelegate.ERROR_0001_UNABLE_TO_INITIALIZE_USER_ROLE_LIST_WEBSVC!
       The server sent HTTP status code 401: Unauthorized 

To fix this, follow the instructions in Execute Scheduled Jobs on a Remote Carte Server.

Follow the instructions below if you need to schedule a job to run on a remote Carte server. Without making these configuration changes, you will be unable to remotely execute scheduled jobs.

Note: This process is also required for using the DI Server as a load balancer in a dynamic Carte cluster.
  1. Stop the DI Server and remote Carte server.
  2. Copy the repositories.xml file from the .kettle directory on your workstation to the same location on your Carte slave. Without this file, the Carte slave will be unable to connect to the DI Repository to retrieve PDI content.
  3. Open the /pentaho/server/data-integration-server/tomcat/webapps/pentaho-di/WEB-INF/web.xml file with a text editor.
  4. Find the Proxy Trusting Filter filter section, and add your Carte server's IP address to the param-value element.
  5. Uncomment the proxy trusting filter-mappings between the <!-- begin trust --> and <!-- end trust --> markers.