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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Fix Driver and Database Connection Problems


Information about common driver and database connection issues.

There are several common driver and database connection problems.  To fix them, read the following articles.

JDBC Driver Issues

Before you begin troubleshooting suspected JDBC driver issues, make sure that the correct JDBC driver JARs are installed to the correct locations, then double-check to make sure that there are no conflicting driver versions. Confirm with your database or driver vendor if you suspect you have having JDBC driver compatibility issues.

The BA and DI Servers need the appropriate driver to connect to the database that stores your data. You can download drivers from your database vendor's website. A JDBC Drivers reference article, with links to the corresponding websites, can be found here.  To install your driver:

  1. Stop the BA Server.
  2. Copy your driver into this location: <pentaho-install-directory>/server/biserver-ee/tomcat/lib.
  3. Start the BA Server.

Now you should be able to use the Manage Data Sources window to create Pentaho data sources.

Fixing JTDSvarchar(MAX) Limitations in MSSQL 2005

Creating a report that uses a column of type varchar(MAX) may result in a net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.ClobImpl@83cf00 error when using the JTDS SQL Server driver. This is caused by inherent limitations in older versions of the JTDS driver. Additionally, the SQL Server JDBC driver version 1.2.2828 also has issues accessing a varchar(MAX) column.

The solution is to upgrade the MSSQL 2005 JDBC driver to version 1.0.809.102 or later. To do this, download and install the file from, then restart your MSSQL server.