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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Configure Carte as a Master (Load Balancer)

This procedure is only necessary for dynamic cluster scenarios in which one Carte server will load-balance multiple slave Carte instances. If you are implementing a static cluster, which is where Carte slaves are individually declared in the PDI user interface, then skip these instructions.

Follow the process below to establish a dynamic Carte load balancer (master server).

Note: You do not have to use Carte as a load balancer; you can use the DI Server instead. If you decide to use the DI Server, you must enable the proxy trusting filter as explained in Execute Scheduled Jobs on a Remote Carte Server, then set up your dynamic Carte slaves and define the DI Server as the master.
Note: If you already have Carte installed on the target machine, you can skip the initial installation steps.
  1. Retrieve a pdi-ee-client archive package from the Pentaho Customer Support Portal.
  2. Create a /pentaho/design-tools/ directory.
  3. Unpack the archive to the /pentaho/design-tools/ directory on each machine. Two directories will be created: data-integration and license-installer.
  4. Copy over any required JDBC drivers from your development instances of PDI to the Carte instances.
  5. Create a carte-master-config.xml configuration file using the following example as a basis:
    <!-- on a master server, the slaveserver node contains information about this Carte instance -->
    Note: The <name> must be unique among all Carte instances in the cluster.
  6. Run the Carte script with the carte-slave-config.xml parameter.
    ./ carte-master-config.xml
  7. Ensure that the Carte service is running as intended.
  8. To start this master server every time the operating system boots, create a startup or init script to run Carte at boot time with the same config file option you specified earlier.
You now have a Carte master to use in a dynamic cluster. You must configure one or more Carte slave servers in order for this to be useful.