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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Dashboard Parameters

If you are placing a file, such as an .xaction or .prpt, inside a dashboard panel, it is possible that the author of the file defined meaningful parameters for the content. If previously defined, the parameters and their associated default values, appear under Parameters in the edit pane of the dashboard. In the example below, when the chart initially rendered, it displayed a parameter called, "chart_type" with a default value called, "bar." A user can change the value of the parameter to see the content rendered as a pie, line, or area chart.

Parameter names are "hard-coded," in the file; that means they cannot be changed. Neither can you change the number of parameters associated with a file. When you create a chart using the Chart Designer, embed a URL into a dashboard, or create a data table, you can change both the name and value of a parameter.

In Windows, the URL Parameters have a maximum limit of 2,048 characters, minus the number of characters in the actual path.