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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Enable Drill-Through Links

You use drill-through links in Analyzer to view all individual records that make up an aggregate value in your analysis report. This will turn all non-calculated number fields into links which, when clicked, bring up a configurable data grid that enables you to quickly view more details for that data point, without having to reconfigure your report. The drill-through grid shows all levels and non-calculated measures that are defined in the report cube by default.

If needed, you can select the columns you want to show in the grid so that report designers only see the selected columns. This is useful if your report cube contains many levels and measures and you want to show only specific data for analysis.

Note: Drill-through links are not available for any calculated measures, including schema-defined calculated measures and user-defined measures, such as Percentages, Running Sum, and Trend measures. Drill-through links are also not available on sub-totalled cells.

The directions below guide you through the process of setting up drill-through links.

  1. Open the Analyzer report to add drill-through links.
  2. Click the More actions and options icon in the report toolbar, and select Report Options from the drop-down menu. The Report Options dialog box appears.
  3. Select the Show drill-through links on Measure cells check box.
  4. Click the Select Columns link to choose the columns you want to appear.
  5. Click OK. The measure fields in your report will turn into links.
  6. Click a link in the report to see a data grid that shows all of the available details for that value.
  7. You can also add or remove columns from this grid, by clicking Select Columns at the top of the data grid. You can also search and toggle the sort order in the same way as the Available Fields list.
You now have drill-through links for numeric, non-calculated members. If you choose, you can later disable the drill-through links by deselecting the Show drill-through links ... check box.