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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Testing With Pentaho Analyzer and Report Wizard

You must have an analysis schema with at least one measure and one dimension, and it must be currently open and focused on the Model perfective in Spoon.

This section explains how to use the embedded Analyzer and Report Design Wizard to test a prototype analysis schema.

  1. While in the Model perspective, select your visualization method from the drop-down box above the Data pane (it has a New: to its left), then click Go. The two possible choices are: Pentaho Analyzer and Report Wizard. You do not need to have license keys for Pentaho Analysis or Pentaho Reporting in order to use these preview tools.
  2. Either the Report Design Wizard will launch in a new sub-window, or Pentaho Analyzer will launch in a new tab. Use it as you would in Report Designer or the Pentaho User Console.
  3. When you have explored your new schema, return to the Model perspective by clicking Model in the upper right corner of the Spoon toolbar, where all of the perspective buttons are. Do not close the tab; this will close the file, and you will have to reopen it in order to adjust your schema.
  4. If you continue to refine your schema in the Model perspective, you must click the Go button again each time you want to view it in Analyzer or Report Wizard; the Visualize perspective does not automatically update according to the changes you make within the Model perspective.
You now have a preview of what your model will look like in production. Continue to refine it through the Model perspective, and test it through the Visualize perspective, until you meet your initial requirements.