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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Rapid Analysis Schema Prototyping


Explains how to use Agile BI to rapidly prototype schemas.

Data Integration offers rapid prototyping of analysis schemas through a mix of processes and tools known as Agile BI. The Agile BI functions of Pentaho Data Integration are explained in this section, but there is no further instruction here regarding PDI installation, configuration, or use beyond OLAP schema creation. If you need information related to PDI in general, consult the section on installing PDI and/or the section on working with PDI in the Pentaho InfoCenter.

Note: Agile BI is for prototyping only. It is extremely useful as an aid in developing OLAP schemas that meet the needs of BI developers, business users, and database administrators. However, it should not be used for production. Once your Agile BI schema has been refined, you will have to either hand-edit it in Schema Workbench to optimize it for performance, or completely re-implement the entire model with Schema Workbench.