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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Build a Job

You created, saved, and ran your first transformation. Now, you will build a simple job. Use jobs to execute one or more transformations, retrieve files from a Web server, place files in a target directory, and more. Additionally, you can schedule jobs to run on specified dates and times. The section called Get Started with DI contains a "real world" exercise for building jobs.

  1. In the Spoon menubar, go to File > New > Job. Alternatively click File:/new_job_transform.png (New) in the toolbar.
  2. Click the Design tab. The nodes that contain job entries appear.
  3. Expand the General node and select the Start job entry.
  4. Drag the Start job entry to the workspace (canvas) on the right.

    The Start job entry defines where the execution will begin.

  5. Expand the General node, select and drag a Transformation job entry on to the workspace.
  6. Use a hop to connect the Start job entry to the Transformation job entry.
  7. Double-click on the Transformation job entry to open its properties dialog box.
  8. Under Transformation specification, click Specify by name and directory.
  9. Click File:/pdi_browse_in_jobs.png (Browse) to locate your transformation in the solution repository.
  10. In the Select repository object view, expand the directories. Locate First Transformation and click OK. The name of the transformation and its location appear next to the Specify by name and directory option.
  11. Under Transformation specification, click OK.
  12. Save your job; call it First Job. Steps used to save a job are nearly identical to saving a transformation. Provide a meaningful comment when saving your job. See Saving Your Transformation.
  13. Click File:/run_transform.png (Run Job) in the toolbar. When the Execute a Job dialog box appears, choose Local Execution and click Launch.


    The Execution Results panel opens displaying the job metrics and log information for the job execution.