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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Visualization Perspective

The Visualize perspective allows you to test reporting and OLAP metadata models created in the Model perspective using the Report Design Wizard and Analyzer clients respectively.


Component Name Description
1-Menubar The Menubar provides access to common features such as properties, actions, and tools.
2-Main Toolbar The Main Toolbar provides single-click access to common actions such as create a new file, opening existing documents, save and save as. The right side of the main toolbar is also where you can switch between perspectives.
3-Field List Contains the list of measures and attributes as defined in your model. These fields can be dragged into the Report Area to build your query.
4-Layout Allows you to drag Measures and Levels into the Row, Column, and Measures area so you can control how it appears in the workspace.
5-Canvas Drag fields from the field list into the Report Area to build your query. Right click on a measure or level to further customize your report with sub-totals, formatting, and more.