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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Use Agile BI


Presents an example of how to use Agile BI.

This exercise builds upon your sample transformation and highlights the power an integrated design environment can provide for building solutions using Agile BI.

For this example, your business users have asked to see what are the top 10 countries based on sales. Furthermore, they want the data broken down by deal size where small deals are those less than $3,000, medium sized deals are between $3,000 and $7,000, and large deals are over $7,000.

  1. Open or select the tab containing the sample transformation you just created in Create Transformations.
  2. Right-click the Write to Database step, and select Visualize > Analyzer. In the background, PDI automatically generates the OLAP model that allows you to begin interacting immediately with your new data source.
  3. Drag the COUNTRY field from the Field list on the left onto the report.
  4. Drag the SALES measure from the Field list onto the report.  Immediately you can see that there is another problem with the quality of the data. Some records being loaded into the database have a COUNTRY value of United States, while others have a value of USA. In the next steps, you return to the Data Integration perspective to resolve this issue.