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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Creating a Geographic Map in Instaview

If you are not already, change to View mode by clicking View on the --check--Configure mode switch at the top of the interface.

Geo maps enable you to visualize data on a geographic map. This visualization type will plot a pin on a map based on the location attribute used. You can then use a measure to color-code the pen and/or use a measure to specify the size of the pin. If your model has geographic annotations then the location information will be retrieved by the geoservice automatically.

These instructions explain how to create a geographic map of the top-ten European territories grouped by sales, with indicator size relative to a country's amount of sales.

  1. Change the format of the report by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Switch to chart format button File:/instaview_switch_to_chart_button.png then select Geo Map.

    The sales data for the EMEA territories is now represented across a map and is coloring indicative of a country's amount of sales.


  2. Make the indicators sized by sales and color-coded by quantity ordered by placing the Sales field to the Size By field, then select Quantity from the Available fields panel and place it on in the Color By field in the --check--<b>Layout</b> panel. File:/instaview_geo_map_step7_result.png