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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Business Analytics


Learn about the BA server, design tools, and plugins that use your data.

Pentaho Business Analytics (BA) components are comprised of a server, design tools, and plugins that use your data to provide valuable insight into business trends and performance. BA Components are divided into three categories:

BA Server and User Console

The BA Server, which is the heart of the Pentaho BA Suite, processes reporting, analysis, and dashboard content. The BA Server hosts the centralized BA Repository for secure sharing of all BA data solutions. It also provides scheduling and audit functionality. The BA server is managed through its web-based tool, the User Console. Use the User Console to create business analytics content, display and schedule reports, and manage Pentaho security.


Web-Based Design Tools and Plugins

BA Web-based components include a host of reporting tools including:

  • Report Designer
  • Analyzer
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Dashboard Designer
  • Mobile

Report Designer

Report Designer is a sophisticated report creation tool that allows you to generate highly-detailed, pixel-perfect reports using virtually any data source.

Image of Report Designer



Analyzer helps you filter and visualize data to make informed business decisions. You can use Analyzer to filter data, add query parameters, configure drill-down links, apply conditional formatting, and to generate hyperlinks. You can also create geographic, scatter chart, heat grid, and multi-chart visualizations.

Image of Analyzer


Interactive Reporting

Create template-based, on-demand reports in an intuitive, drag-and-drop environment. Quickly add elements to your report and format them any way you like.

Image of Interactive Report


Dashboard Designer

Choose layout templates, themes, and content to create visually attractive dashboards that help decision makers recognize critical knowledge at a glance. Embed a wide variety of content in the web-based display, including Interactive Reports, Analyzer visualizations, graphics, charts, web pages, even collaborative content. Mobile and desktop users can personalize dynamic dashboards to reflect their preferences.

Image of Dashboard Designer



Get immediate access to powerful business analysis, even when you are on the run, with Mobile. Mobile is an innovative application built specifically for the Apple iPad. View and edit Analyzer reports or review reports made by Dashboard Designer, Interactive Reporting and Report Designer.



Client-Based Design Tools

Client-based tools include:

  • Aggregation Designer
  • Metadata Editor
  • Schema Workbench

Aggregation Designer

Aggregation Designer provides you with a simple interface that allows you to create aggregate tables from levels within the dimensions you specify. Based on these selections, the Aggregation Designer generates the Data Definition Language (DDL) for creating the aggregate tables, the Data Manipulation Language (DML) for populating them, and an updated Mondrian schema which references the new aggregate tables. Use this tool to improve the performance of your Pentaho Analysis (Mondrian) OLAP cubes.

Metadata Editor

The Metadata Editor simplifies report building. Use the Metadata Editor to build Pentaho metadata domains and models. A Pentaho Metadata Model maps the physical structure of your database into a logical business model. These mappings are stored in a centralized metadata repository and allow administrators to create business-language definitions for database tables, set security parameters, localize data, add calculations, and to format report data.

Schema Workbench

Schema Workbench allows you to edit and create multidimensional (Mondrian) models. Use this tool to create multidimensional models graphically or define them by hand-coding XML files.

Next Steps

The BA Server, design tools, and plugins are designed to be used in tandem with PDI. Check out the PDI components to learn more.