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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Test and Clean Up


Explains how you test the upgrade, then how you clean up after upgrade is complete.

After you have completed the merging and migration instructions, test the DI server.  

Test Your New DI Server

You should now have a complete PDI 5.1 environment, from the DI Server to individual client workstations. 

Clear your browser cache before you start the DI Server.

Start the DI Server and Spoon, then perform these tests.

  • Open old jobs and transformations and ensure that they execute properly.
  • Create a new job, transformation, and/or Agile BI analysis schema and save it as you normally would.
  • Schedule a job or transformation and ensure that the schedule executes properly.
  • Ensure that existing schedules are still valid.
  • If you are using an enterprise repository, share a job or transformation between PDI users and verify that both can access it.
  • Physically restart the server and ensure that the DI Server are automatically started as services.

Troubleshoot Problems

If you have problems with the upgrade process, read Troubleshoot DI Server Issues

Clean up

Now that your new DI Server version 5.1 is built, deployed, and tested, clean up old or temporary files, such as:

  • Temporary directories that are part of the installation package
  • Archive packages for client tools, servers, and plugins
  • Any backup artifacts, although you may want to keep these for a while, in case you need to roll back

If you plan to upgrade PDI, keep 5.0 backup artifacts and the pentaho-old directory.  They might be needed during the PDI upgrade process.  See the Upgrade BA Systems guide for details.