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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

DI Upgrade Introduction


Provides an introduction to the upgrade process.

This section explains how to upgrade version 5.0.x of the Pentaho Data Integration (DI) Server, plugins, and client tools to PDI version 5.1.  Read through all upgrade documentation before you perform tasks.  Familiarity with the entire process increases the likelihood of a successful upgrade experience. If you need assistance with the upgrade process, contact Technical Support. If you have need additional help tailoring the upgrade process for your environment, contact Concierge or Consulting Services.

To upgrade the Pentaho Business Analytics (BA) Server, plugins, and design tools see Upgrade BA Systems.


Before you upgrade, make sure you have: 

  • A currently running Pentaho DI Server Enterprise Edition version 5.0.3 or higher. Other DI Server versions are not covered or supported in this guide.
  • If you have a pre-5.0.6 version of DI Server you need to make additional changes to configuration files before you begin. After that use these instructions to migrate to version 5.1.
  • A test server or virtual machine that contains a software environment identical to your production server.


The topics in this section are written for IT administrators who know where data is stored, how to connect to it, details about the computing environment, and how to use the command line to issue commands for Microsoft Windows or Linux. You also need the appropriate accesses and permissions to install and upgrade software.


You need these tools to perform upgrade tasks.

  • Zip or Archive tool of your choice.
  • Text editor of your choice.

Login Credentials

You need access to an account that has administrative privileges. Additionally, Linux users might need to use the root account for some tasks.